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Zeebe Kubernetes HELM Charts

Zeebe Kubernetes HELM Charts

This repository host Zeebe HELM charts for Kubernetes, this charts can be accessed by adding the following HELM repo to your HELM setup:

> helm repo add zeebe https://helm.camunda.io
> helm repo update

There are three main charts which are represented in the following image: HELM CHARTS

Note check the Zeebe Helm Profiles repository for different configurations for your clusters, such as Dev, HA, etc. Feel free to contribute with your own profiles if you want to

You can consume each individual chart, or use the zeebe-full-helm chart which will install all the components, including an NGINX Ingress Controller.

Currently hosting the following charts:

Follow the instructions in the Zeebe docs to install Zeebe to a K8s cluster using these charts.

Each Chart contains it’s own configurations and parameters, you can visit each chart site for more information.

Installing Charts

You can install these Helm Charts by running:

helm install --name <YOUR HELM RELEASE NAME> zeebe/zeebe-full-helm

This command will install all Zeebe Components that are provided by the zeebe-full-helm chart.

Uninstalling Charts

You can remove these charts by running:

helm delete <YOUR HELM RELEASE NAME> --no-hooks --purge

Notice that all the services and pods will be deleted, but not the Persistence Volume Claims which are used to hold the storage for the data generated by the cluster and ElasticSearch. In order to free up the storage you need to manually delete all the Persistent Volume Claims. You can do this by running:

kubectl get pvc

Then delete the ones that you don’t want to keep:

kubectl delete pvc <PVC ids here>


Please create new issues if you find problems with these charts. This repository is hosted using GitHub Pages and the source code repository can be found here: https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe-helm/

Releasing these Charts

These charts are being released internally at: http://chartmuseum-jx. where you can find the latest builds, which are periodically updated in this repository.

In order to release to this public-facing repository hosted at: http://helm.zeebe.io you need to download artifacts hosted at http://chartmuseum-jx. and then run the following command to generate clean the internal charts and fetch the latest version from internal:


This script will fetch remote charts, clean them from unneeded files and run helm repo index --url http://helm.camunda.io . to update the Helm index.

Then you need to add and commit all the changes to push the new version to this repository.

git add .
git commit -m "updating charts"

And then push the new files plus the updated index.

git push