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Camunda Platform Helm

The Camunda Platform Helm repo contains and hosts Camunda Platform Helm charts.

For more details about versions, check out the full version matrix.

The charts can be accessed by adding the following Helm repo to your Helm setup:

helm repo add camunda
helm repo update



Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed Helm charts architecture diagram


Since the 8.4 release (January 2024), the Camunda Helm chart version has been decoupled from the version of the application (e.g., the chart version is 9.0.0 and the application version is 8.4.x).

For more details, check out the full version matrix.

Installing Charts

Follow the instructions in the Camunda Platform documentation to install the Camunda Platform to a K8s cluster.

Check the repo branch for more technical details: camunda/camunda-platform-helm

Configure Charts

Helm charts can be configured by using extra values files or directly via the --set option. Ensure to check out the Camunda Platform Helm Charts values for more information.

Example to enable the Prometheus ServiceMonitor for Zeebe:

helm install camunda camunda/camunda-platform --set zeebe.prometheusServiceMonitor.enabled=true

Uninstalling Charts

You can remove these charts by running:

helm uninstall camunda

The command above will remove the Helm chart installation but will leave the PVCs which holds the data for the applications. To remove the PVCs, please run the following:

[!CAUTION] This will remove the installation data permenantly.

kubectl delete pvc -l

Or delete the related Kubernetes namespace, which contains all of the chart resources.


Please create new issues if you find problems with these charts. This repository is hosted using GitHub Pages, and the source code repository can be found here.