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Camunda Platform Helm

The Camunda Platform Helm repo contains and hosts Camunda Platform Helm charts.

The charts can be accessed by adding the following Helm repo to your Helm setup:

helm repo add camunda
helm repo update



Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed Helm charts architecture diagram

Installing Charts

Follow the instructions in the Camunda Platform documentation to install the Camunda Platform to a K8s cluster.

Check the repo branch for more technical details: camunda/camunda-platform-helm

Configure Charts

Helm charts can be configured by using extra values files or directly via the --set option. Ensure to check out the Camunda Platform Helm Charts Readme for more information.

Example to enable the Prometheus ServiceMonitor for Zeebe:

helm install <RELEASE_NAME> camunda/camunda-platform --set zeebe.prometheusServiceMonitor.enabled=true

Uninstalling Charts

You can remove these charts by running:

helm uninstall <RELEASE_NAME>

Notice that all the services and pods will be deleted, but not the Persistence Volume Claims which are used to hold the storage for the data generated by the cluster and Elasticsearch. In order to free up the storage you need to manually delete all the Persistent Volume Claims. You can do this by running:

kubectl get pvc

Then delete the ones that you don’t want to keep:

kubectl delete pvc <PVC ids here>

Or delete the related Kubernetes namespace, which contains the resources.

Deprecation of zeebe charts

With the creation of the Camunda Platform Helm charts (previously known as ccsm-helm), the old zeebe-* charts have been deprecated. This means they are no longer part of the repository or maintained. The packaged charts are still available for download.

The following charts are deprecated:

The new camunda-platform chart is a full replacement of zeebe-full-helm and replaces (contains) all other charts as sub-charts. All sub-charts in camunda-platform are by default enabled.

Check the migration guide for more details.


Please create new issues if you find problems with these charts. This repository is hosted using GitHub Pages, and the source code repository can be found here.


Please familiarize yourself with the contribution guide to find out how to contribute to this project. Please also make sure to check the Camunda Platform Helm Charts Readme to find more information about configuring and developing the charts.